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Kola Peninsula fishing

Fly fishing on the Kola Peninsula allows you a unique opportunity, to catch the Atlantic salmon of your dreams. Salmon of 23kg (50lb) or more are caught every year. The Kola Peninsula also offers the fly fisherman the prospect of fishing for brown trout, grayling, pike, perch and ide. The brown trout can be found in the rivers, lakes and sea and if over 40cm in length can be kept. The Kola Peninsula offers truly spectacular wilderness and provides great natural variety. Fishermen walking through this wilderness may collect berries and mushrooms to add to their lunch or evening meal. Our aim is to provide the fly fisherman with a memorable fishing adventure and our promise is to provide a high quality service ensuring our clients return and fish with us for years to come. 

Salmon Fishing n the Kola Peninsula

Salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula is split between the rivers of the north and the rivers of the south. The northern rivers offer the opportunity to catch truly huge salmon. Fish over 50lb are caught every season. Fishing on the southern rivers provides the angler with far greater numbers of salmon but of a smaller size. Catch averages of in excess of 40 salmon in a week are not uncommon on some of the southern rivers.

The prime time for spring fishing is between 15th May and 20th June and the best autumn fishing is between 20th August and 15th October. During these periods the angler can expect to catch salmon straight from the sea, bright silver and strong. The individuals rivers each have their own licenses and associated rules. Licenses are either for Catch and Release or Catch and Kill. Fishing for smolts or kelts is strictly forbidden.