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About me

Hello! My name is Tim Hoshimov. I was born in South Ural of Russia. I have spent my childhood in different corners of Russia; have got education in St.-Petersburg, and serious living experience in Moscow. Must say, the country is really huge. I still like to travel through it. Although visiting Europe, me as the Russian citizen, concerns the image of my country in the West, and also poorly developed market of services in Russia, including for foreign tourists, is very noticeable. One day I decided to purchase services which would answer the western standards and have been marketable by customers from over the world. I hope that I am not lonely in this inception. All people think like me, can join to a team which is forming within providing services on the site. I am convinced – high technologies can unite people on interests on different continents. Sometimes different people are invited for cooperation on the page “Cooperation”. I don't pretend to an innovation, I only try to adopt the experience which had been already checked up by time. Principles, which I rely on, are described on the "Services" page.  You can post constructive critics, recommendations, thoughts and ideas on development of services on the page "Feedback". 

Wish you good luck, love and happiness!