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Fishing on the Kola river

Photo: sea liced 25lb Atlantic salmon caught at the junction between Kola and Kitza rivers. This was the Scottish angler’s second salmon that day, the first was also sea liced and weighed 26lb.

The best time for fly fishing on the Kola river is from the season opening on the 15th May until the end of June. This is the period the large spring fish run. The average spring salmon size is over 20 lb until the middle of June, however 25-35 lb salmon are frequently caught during this period. Every season some trophy 50lb+ salmon are caught. This spring period (late May and early June)will typically see a period of high, cold water with the salmon creeping up the sides of the powerful flow of the main channel. This calls for the use of double handed rods #10/11 with a variety of sinking line options from sink tip to full heavy sinkers. The flies to use at this time of the season are typically large and include copper/brass/tungsten tubes, heavy coneheads, bullets and so forth. It is worth bringing some smaller patterns in case the spring floods arrive early and smaller flies are required for successful fishing. Strong hooks and tippets are required to fight these fish in the large spring waters.

Late June brings lower water levels and see the arrival of the grilse (Russian tinda) averaging 5-10lb in size. These are strong fighting fish and anglers can have great fun at this time of the year.  Furthermore, it is still possible to hook into a real big trophy salmon in deep pools after rapids, the pool tails and moderate rapids between deep pools etc. The rod size should be decreased to either a double hander #8-10 or a single hander #8-9. Emphasis should be on delicate presentation of small aluminum or plastic tubes matched to a single or double hook. Treble hook flies are prohibited at this time of year.  As an alternative, a spinning rod with bombarda + fly can also be effective. Fishing from a boat is available and provides you an advantage over bank anglers.

Photo: Fishing guide holding a fly angler's spring trophy on the Junction pool of the Kola river.

The Kola river is separated into three sectors (Kola-1, Kola-2 and Kola-3). Anglers may retain one salmon per day when fishing Kola 1 & 2. All salmon must be released on Kola 3. Kola 3 provides the best fly fishing experience and includes several km of beautiful pools on both the Kola and Kitza rivers. Kola 3 season start on the 1st June and the license cost for Kola 3 is approximately US$100/day.

It is said the largest salmon run the Kitza (Kola tributary) and stories abound of battles with huge salmon in this river. There is easy access to all the pools and it is a delight to fly fish the fast flowing waters of the Kitza.

The fishing on the Kola and Kitza rivers is tough and is best suited to anglers with the skill and experience to meet the challenge. The main attraction is the real possibility of catching a fish of a lifetime with many anglers able to claim their largest salmon from these waters. A typical spring week offers the opportunity to land 3-6 beautiful spring salmon in excellent condition. This contrasts with the rivers on the south of the Kola Peninsula where anglers can catch far more salmon but with an average size of 6-13lb.

Fishing guide service

Fishing with a guide available in all sectors from shore or boat. Fishing from a raft moving down the river is also possible, in boat  capacity 2 rods + guide. Guide provides a river bank lunch and can provide local flies. For an additional fee a rent of fly rod can be arranged.  Guide can arrange fishing license.

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