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Fishing on the Tersky Coast

Description fishing on the Varzuga and Kitza (tributary) rivers.

The Varzuga and the Kitza rivers, its tributary, flow into the sea at the Tersky Coast (Terskiy Bereg) in the southern part of the Kola Peninsula, and are easily accessible by car. The best time for fishing is from the season opening on May 15th until end of June and from August 15th until the season closes on October 15th. The public licensed sector “Mel’nychnyi” (meaning “Mill”) of the Varzuga river is closed for salmon smolts migrating down the river into the sea from July 1 to August 15. The river Kitza is open at this time for public  fishing. The average size of atlantic salmon is 10-15 lb but the number caught is typically much higher than in rivers of the northern coast of the Kola Peninsula. A typical spring or autumn week offers the opportunity to land 10-20 beautiful salmon in excellent condition. These rivers are well suited to less experienced fly fishers. The rivers at summer water level are very convenient for fishing from the bank or wading and all the good salmon lies are easily reached. Increasing water temperature provides the angler with an opportunity to try dry fly fishing in July and August. The salmon are very active during this period, so bombers and other floating patterns made of elk hair/foam are best. The high water fishing in the spring is a little more complicated, requiring Scandi shooting head sink 1-3 or Skagit systems with T8-T12 tips. Fly boxes essentials should include different tubes sizes, single and double hooks. You may also catch grayling, sea trout, pike and perch in these rivers.


High water: double hander #8-10.
Normal water: double hander #7-9, single hander #7-9, switch #7-8.
Low water: double hander #6-8, single hander # 6-9, switch #5-8.



Accommodation for fishing at the Varzuga and Kitza rivers is provided in guest houses with access to kitchen, refrigerator and wood-burning banya (Russian style sauna). The guest houses have electricity, heated water etc. Accommodation includes meals (breakfast, dinner and lunch on the bank).

Description fishing on the Indera river.

The Indera river is located 10 km east of the mouth of the river Varzuga where it enters the White Sea. The river is narrow, between 5 - 30 m and with a length of 36 km. The most interesting sector for salmon fishing is the last kilometer of the river “Sea rapids” including a cascade of rapids and pools of varying depth.

The mouth of the Indera river can provide excellent fishing for salmon and sea trout as they move into the river mouth on each new tide. The size of the salmon is similar to the Varzuga river. The Indera is ideal for fishing from the bank or wading and fishing with a single hander #6-9 or a switch rod #5-8. From the middle of June you can spend the night camping on the banks of this lovely river where nature offers up wild mushrooms and berries.


For fishing on the Tersky Coast you will need to travel to Kandalaksha. All our tours include tranfers airport-river-airport, so it's a solid item of pre-trip arrangements!

Fow whom who likes traveling by your own:
- By air: fly to Murmansk and then by bus or by train to Kandalaksha.
- By train: 30 hours from Moscow, from St. Petersburg 24 hours and from Murmansk 5 hours. Station Kandalaksha.
- By bus or shuttle: from Murmansk 5 hours, From Finland (Kemijärvi) 6 hours.
- By car: 1713 km from Moscow, from St. Petersburg 1140 km, 250 km from Murmansk and from Kemijärvi 670 km.

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